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College & Scholarship Info


College Info

Choosing a College
Key Factors in Choosing a College 

ACT  provides a list of college choice factors

Starting a College Search

Guides to Major Christian Colleges in the U.S.
This link provides a guide to review Christian colleges:

Bob Jones University

Pensacola Christian College

Testing for College Admissions

ACT or SAT ?
What is the difference between the ACT and SAT Testing?

PSAT, and SAT Testing with the College Board

ACT Testing

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) 
This program run by the College Board allows advanced students to test their knowledge of a subject area 
and receive college credit for a fee.

Jobs, Careers, and College Major Search
Occupational Outlook Handbook
This link is provided by the Bureau of Labor as a source to researching careers.

ONET Interest Profiler
The Department of Labor offers a brief online test to evaluate your occupational interests.

ONET Career Search Tool
This link connects to a career search tool provided by the Department of Labor.

ONET Occupational Interest Categories Defined


Choosing a College Major from Princeton Review
The Princeton Review is a very respected resource for college and major selection insights.

Choosing College Majors by Personality Types
One way that colleges and universities aid students in selecting a college major is by giving them the Holland Test which asks a series of questions to determine what combination of personality types the tester is and match it with a college major.
One example of this is the link from the University of North Florida. 

ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 
This aptitude test is given to SHCA high school students annually.  It is
used by the military for job placement, but it is also a valuable
occupational tool for students to use.  See links below.  

LINK - ASVAB Interest Inventory for Occupations (Occu-Find)
By taking this military test, available to high school students at SHCA,
you will also have access to the Occupational Areas grouped by
Personality Types.  ADSVAB uses the same interest categories as the
Holland Test reflected on college websites such as the above University
of North Florida website.  


LINK - ASVAB Interest Areas for Occupations Link



U.S. News& World Report- Best College Majors 

Top 25 In-Demand Jobs -2016

150 College Majors at College Majors 101
Use this link to access a large number of majors and descriptions about each one.


Accredited Schools Online 
Site that gives a wide variety of Christian colleges and their many options.

Steps to Prepare for College
These pages are provided by the College Board to aid parents/students in how to prepare for college.
Middle School
9th Grade
10th Grade�
11th Grade
12th Grade


Paying for College Costs
Powerpoint About College Costs & Paying for College
This presentation was given at SHCA by BJU rep. Chuck Kittrell describing college costs and how to pay for them.

Sources of Financial Aid
This recently updated list of sources was provided to our students by Chuck Kittrell, a BJU rep.

FAFSA Link - Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (Done annually for college attenders)

Florida Bright Futures Aid Link 
This is the link to Florida Student Scholarship Grant Programs:

College Search Engines
Peterson's Guide has been a useful source for years in helping in the search for a college to attend.

CollegeView is another veteran search engine for finding a college by your criteria.

College Navigator is a search engine run by the National Center for Education Statistics.

College Search is maintained by the College Board, who also provides SAT and ACT.

College Rankings
U.S. News & World Report annually ranks U.S. colleges.

College-Bound (What to Bring to College?)
The College Board provides a good list of needs for college.

Civic Responsibility

Vote Smart
Site that list candidates for office and their position on the issues.

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