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Academy Uniforms

It is our desire that the students of Spring Hill Christian Academy reflect the Lord Jesus Christ in their appearance. Our dress code is designed to assure that our students are dressed appropriately for the classroom. The Academy reserves the right to handle questionable cases not specifically outlined in the dress code policy on an individual basis. In most cases, if a student is out of dress code they will not be allowed to attend class until the problem is corrected.

SHCA uniform shirts, blouses, outer-wear, and P.E. uniforms will be ordered through the school office. Orders received by 9:00 am each Friday will be available on the following Friday.

Please print forms using "landscape" page orientation.

PreK - 5th Order Form

MS 6th-8th Order Form

HS 9th 12th Order Form

Girls Dress Code (Coming Soon)

Boys Dress Code (Coming Soon)

BEEBE Embroidery Sizing Chart

Lands' End Schoolwear Uniform Information
Please use SHCA's unique code 900167719 when ordering.

Online Ordering Sheet

SHCA skirts and jumpers for girls, and shorts, pants and ties for boys will be provided through the Lands' End Schoolwear website. 
Please use the information on the ordering information sheet to access the Lands' End website and create an online ordering account for your family. Place your order for the required uniform pieces for your child's grade level. Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

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