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Admissions Process

Step 1: Completion of Online Application

To begin the process of seeking admission for your child, an online application must be submitted. Click on the "apply now" button here to begin the process.

Parent/guardians must submit a completed application for each child through the online application and pay the application fee.

A family meeting with the Principal and or Dean of students will be scheduled through the main campus school office once we have the online applications. Forms listed in step 2 will need to be submitted to the office. 

Step 2: Required Documents During the Application Process

The following documents will be required five days prior to the family meeting for review as needed. The parent/guardian will provide the following documents to the school office if not already submitted during the online process:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (including papers regarding custodial issues if applicable)

  • Recent Report Card or Transcript

  • Recent Standardized Test

  • Florida Form DH 680 (Immunization Record)

  • Florida Form DH 3040 (Physical Form)

  • Release of All Claims Form 

  • Parent / School Agreement

  • Completed Recommendation Forms
    (Required for students in 2nd through 12th grades)

Step 3: Attendance at the Scheduled Interview

We ask that each child seeking admission be present at the meeting with at least one parent/guardian. The following forms are required to be brought to the meeting with the principal unless previously submitted:

  • Florida Form DH 680 (Immunization Record)

  • Florida Form DH 3040 (Physical Form) 

Step 4: Admission Testing

Admission testing for prospective K4 - 12th grade students will take place before your child is admitted to the Academy. This testing is necessary so that we can evaluate your child's performance in the vital areas of Reading and Math. Testing will be scheduled through the office per the principal's direction once the family interview has been completed.

Step 5: Final Acceptance

Once the meeting and testing are complete, an email from the Principal or Dean of Students regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of your child(ren) will be provided to your family through the Facts/Renweb sytem. Enrollment packet will need to be completed and submitted online.

Step 6: Completion of Enrollment

Once your child has been accepted into the Academy, the Student Comprehensive Fee will become due. The "SCF" fee is listed on the tuition rate sheet.

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